• Cupcake Wars Star Hollis Wilder Back for Season 8

    Hollis Cupcake Wars WinnerTelevision’s greatest baking triumphs and tribulations come to life on The Food Network’s reality series, Cupcake Wars. For its eighth season, the show brought back fan favorites from past seasons to compete, including Pyure Brands partner, stevia advocate, and two-time Cupcake Wars Champion Hollis Wilder. To no one’s surprise, Hollis returned, conquered, and claimed the prestigious title of Cupcake Wars Queen for the third time.


    About Hollis, the Queen of Cupcake Wars

    We partnered with Hollis last year when we discovered that she was using our Bakeable Blend stevia sweetener to make her melt-in-your-mouth, sugar-free, Red Velvet and Cream Cheese cupcakes. Lo and behold, Hollis had already been discovered by cupcake connoisseurs who travel from near and far to frequent her successful sweet shop chain, Sweet by Holly.

    Hollis is best known for the back-to-basics ingredient approach to her famous mini cupcakes, but it was her delicious lemon scented salmon cupcake that won her first title. It’s just the sort of innovation and risk taking that makes Hollis successful in the kitchen and in the business world. The response resulting from her appearances on the show have put Hollis on the map as the reigning Cupcake Wars Queen.

    The nationally televised competition requires contestants to create cupcake masterpieces from unlikely ingredients while at the mercy of a timer. If the challenge alone isn’t unnerving enough, a panel of food experts judges each competitor. Needless to say, Hollis wowed the judges and after her first season win, she returned to the show for an All-Stars competition and prevailed for the second time.

    In the fan favorites episode of the show’s current season, Season 8, Hollis competed against three other fan-picked all-star bakers for the chance to serve her cupcakes at a charity gala hosted by guest judge, ‘N Sync’s Lance Bass.

    Why Hollis Chooses Pyure Brands Stevia Sweetener

    Stevia Baking Blend

    Hollis is in the business of making delicious treats, but she’s also an advocate for a healthylifestyle. That’s why she uses our Pyure Brands Bakeable Blend Stevia Sweetener to create reduced-sugar and sugar-free delights. She is a firm believer in ‘minimizing to maximize’, which is why each of her famous miniature cupcakes is made to satisfy sweet cravings without overdoing the calories.

    Now, forget the calories for a second and consider what goes on behind the scenes of Hollis’ sweet shop. If you think Hollis is sitting pretty behind a desk in a back room of her bakery, think again. She’s baking, decorating, and re-inventing the cupcake on a daily basis. So, when she experiments with sugar-free recipes, she loves our Bakeable Blend Stevia Sweetener because it’s a reliable, consistent ingredient.

    When you’re developing or modifying recipes, half of the battle is figuring out how the ingredients will react when combined. Timing can be everything– but not necessarily with stevia. The element of sweetness from stevia can be tasted instantly whereas sugar can take longer to react with your batter. And if you’re wondering about the measuring process, Hollis lives by the “cup-for-cup like sugar” measurement philosophy. It’s safe to say that this cupcake queen has unlocked the sugar-free key to satisfying your sweet tooth.

    N’Sync’s Lance Bass is sweet on Hollis

    Lance Bass Cupcake WarsHollis wowed the panel of judges including guest judge, and former N’Sync band member, Lance Bass. The episode that aired April 14th was yet another sweet victory for Hollis. Not only was it her third win on Cupcake Wars, it was also an opportunity to relive her days as a personal chef to A-List celebrities, like Jay Leno and the cast of Will and Grace. As a result winning the episode challenge, Hollis’ cupcakes graced the palates of celebrities and guests at the charity gala hosted by Lance bass benefiting FamousYardSale.com.

    We couldn’t be happier for Hollis and we congratulate her on a great victory!



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